Colombia Luis Alberto - Bourbon Aruzi, Washed


Grind Size

Tastes Like: Green Apple, Fig Aniseed

Producer: Luis Alberto
Farm: Finca San Miguel
Region: Cauca
Municipality: Inza
Harvested: May to July
Variety: Bourbon Aruzi
Altitude: 1952 MASL
Process: Washed

In 2008, Luis Alberto was displaced from his home in Tumaco due to the inner violence of Colombia. He arrived with his wife, Mariluz, to Inza in Cauca. There, he started his new live with coffee, where he bought a farm which he named Agua Clara (Clear Water). Around 2019 he shifted his focus to high quality coffee. Currently at the farm he lives with his wife and children, where the coffee production is a family business. Luis Alberto is a firm believer in protecting the environment and for him "coffee is a crop that doesn't require chemical, fi you do things correctly the results are going to
be good". For him, his farm is special because of the climate, the quality of the soil and the ecosystem he has. The mayor challenge he faces is transforming his farm and making it full on organic. Luis Alberto wants to maintain his quality, which has been consistent throughout the years.

For his coffee process, Luis Alberto starts with a careful cherry picking, always looking for the ripest. Then, the cherries are taken to wet mill at the farm where he floats them so that he can take any defective cherries and foreign material such as small sticks or leaves. This is followed by an in- cherry fermentation, where Luis Alberto places the cherries in bags and leaves them there from 24 to 30 hours under shade. Afterwards, he pulps the cherries and proceeds to ferment the coffee in closed plastic containers for a period of 40 hours. When ready he washes the coffee unless he is doing a honey process. Following this, he takes the coffee to his drying area, a two-level covered raised bed. Luis Alberto first places the coffee in the bottom bed for a shade drying and then, he moves the coffee to the upper bed to finish the drying process which in total is going to take 15 to 20 days.


Espresso Recipe

While it's worth noting all machines and grinders are different, here's where we'd start, then play around and tune it to your setup!

Dose: 21 grams
Yield: 45 grams
Time: 28-32 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/2.1


These are roasted light, with great developement.. so leaves us running a couple recipes:

Light & Bright
Dose: 19 grams
Yield: 56 grams
Time: 17-18 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/2.9

Syrupy & Sweet
Dose: 19 grams
Yield: 58 grams
Time: 24-28 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/3

This is based on our commercial machine at the following parameters:

Pressure - 6 Bar
Temp - 95 Degrees Celsius
Basket - 20g VST
Shower screen - IMS

Single Cup Filter Recipe

Pour Over
Dose - 15g
Water -
Temp - 100 Degrees

0:00 Bloom - 35g
0:30 First Pour - up to 140g
1:05 Second Pour - 195g
1:45 Third Pour - 255g
Brew time 2:45 to 3:00

Check out James Hoffmans Youtube for an awesome bloom technique, and use the Rao Spin after each pour.

Use the inverted method
Dose: 13g
Water: 220g
Brew Time: 1:30
Press Time: 30sec
Extend brew time to make it stronger, shorten brew time if you want a mellower brew.

Batch Brew Recipes

General Specs
Ratio: 1:17
TDS: 1.25 - 1.35
Ext %: 20-21%

Breville Precision Brewer
Temp: 95 Degrees Celsius
Flow Rate: Fast
Bloom: 30 seconds
Basket: Flat bottom gold
Filter Paper: Melitta 8 - 12 cup
Dose: 70 grams
Water: 1,200 ml
Ratio (dry coffee:water): 1:17

Temp: 94 Degrees Celsius
Brew Time: 4:15
Pulses: 10
Pre-Wet: 15%
Pre-Wet Delay: 1:00
Drip Delay: 1:15
Dose: 120 grams
Water: 2050 ml
Ratio (dry coffee:water): 1:17