Fortnightly Open Cuppings

Join the crew at Legend to cup our current range of single origin beans, for the pro to hone in their tasting skills, or the first timer to experience what it's like behind the scenes.


$10.00 – $30.00 per person




Every Fortnight on Friday

About this experience

Legend Cupping Sesh

Our public coffee cupping is suitable for all peeps – from complete beginners to seasoned pros. Come taste some amazing coffees, compare them side by side and develop your palate. If you’ve ever wondered what we mean when we describe a coffee as fruit-forward, delicate or chocolatey, or how a washed, semi-washed or natty coffees might taste wildly different this session is for you!

What you'll learn

In the coffee industry, 'cupping' is the formal name we give coffee tasting. At Legend, we use this method to purchase coffees, as well as test all the roasts we do every week to ensure the beans in the bag or bangin. This method is used by roasteries all around the world, as a way to be somewhat on par with each other when tasting this beautiful bean juice.

In this 30-45 minute session, you’ll learn how to taste and evaluate coffees the way we do every week. You’ll experience several different coffees, and learn about how factors like place of origin, variety, processing and fermentation method can impact a coffee’s flavour in the cup. 

What to expect on the day

This fun and casual coffee tasting will be run by an experienced Legend coffee pro, who will guide you through the cupping process, explaining what we look for when we assess and score coffees. There will typically be up five to seven coffees on the table, and we will taste them ‘blind’ so we won’t know until the end of the sesh which coffee is which, to avoid preconceptions of what a given coffee 'should' taste like. We’ll start by assessing the aroma before tasting each coffee, taking notes along the way and sharing our observations at the end.  

We run public cuppings every second week on a Friday morning upstairs at our West Gossy shop. No previous experience is necessary, and we’ll provide everything you need for the session. The group size is limited to 6, so please book in to secure your spot.