This is what it's all about, no matter how much you love our toasties or
the droolishly good bae (B&E roll) we smash out at our home cafe. Its all
about this.

After sourcing the bestest, freshest, most epic green bean we can find, thats
when our roast philosophy kicks in. That being a desire to bring out the best
of every origin and process we bring into our roastery. Always striving for
minimal roast character in our coffee, we are all about highlighting the fruits,
while achieving full flavour development leaving a clean, flavourful black coffee,
while having excellent balance and depth to perform delightfully in milk.

All in the curve


Whether we are pushing out micro batches on the 6kg Giesen, or production style on our 35kg Loring, we are always hands on watching the roast curve on cropster. Always referring back to previous weeks roasts, setting roasts that we pick from each weeks QC cupping as a reference curve, and implementing notes from QC discussions about how we can improve and tweak each coffee. (Yes, there is always room to improve...)

the production beast

Loring Kestrel s35

After 3 years working our little 6kg Giesen coffee roaster to the bones, we decided it was time. After a good amount of research, also looking at the roasters around the world that we hold in highest regard, it was obvious to us that Loring was the way forward.

The level of innovation and quality built into these amazing roasters is nothing short of excellent. From the smallest footprint on the warehouse floor, to using substantially less gas to roast than any other roaster we were interested in. One flame to both heat the roaster and simultaneously burning off the smoke produced, helping us reduce our carbon emissions substantially, so we can know that we've done all we can to look after Mother Nature, while not compromising in any way on the quality of coffee we produce.

The little beauty

Giesen W6A

Where it all began, this little wonder has seen us grow since day one, from specialty batches of mouthwateringly delicious singles, to production runs of our blends... She's gone from 10 batches a week, up to 80+ batches, now in semi retirement, she lives a cruise life focused on our single origins, R&D and Blend Development.

But, if roasting your own is something you are thinking of doing, give us a holler below and get in touch, as we'd love to rent out time to use this weapon to the right candidate(s)

Get in Touch

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