For a long time before launching Legend in 2019, the one thing that stuck
on Pete's mind as absolutely the most important component to producing
delicious coffee, is the quality coming out of the farms. Now from multiple
years working closely with Caravela, that one thing is a proven truth.

Caravela not only pay the farmers well, but they intentionally invest into
the regions, with processing facilities, quality control labs, education and
innovation. We look forward to further building relationships with farmers
through the strong bond we've forged with Caravela, and of course some
day soon getting over to the farms in person to further deepen our conn-
ection with these Legends!

Farm to Cup

Sourcing Coffee

We buy coffee with one goal in mind... it tastes delicious. At the same time, we want to make sure that we can rest easy knowing our importers care about the farmers, pay them well and invest into their development helping them to grow better coffee every year. It's for that reason that 100% of our blending coffees, and 90% of our single origin beans come through our relationship with Caravela.

After 3 years working together, we have never been let down or disappointed by them in any way, they show full transparency to us of where the money goes and how the farmers are paid. It's truly been a dream to work with people so genuine in their love of coffee, and the value they place on their origins with ongoing investment into the regions and farms with training, quality control, processing facilities and relationships bringing two worlds together to fill your cup with juicy goodness.


Caravela isn't our only importer, we have relationships with many others, but focus our purchasing more on single origin offerings to mix it up and bring a variety of origins through different industry relationships.

We love the crew at Melbourne Coffee Merchants, who are also a certified B corp actively implementing and walking out values of quality, sustainability and ethical practices. They have done a great job building direct to farmer relationships all over the world, and mostly we tailor our African coffee's through these legends.

Beyond this we are always looking for importers with values that match up with our own, looking for quality in the cup, and dollars in the farmers pocket.

Get in Touch

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