Colombia Benedicto Puentes - Castillo, Anaerobic Washed


Grind Size

Tastes Like: Raspberry, Sauv Blanc, Vanilla Wafer

Producer: Benedicto Puentes
Farm: Finca Palma Roja
Region: Tolima
Municipality: Ibague
Harvested: April to June
Variety: Castillo
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Process: Anaerobic Washed

Benedicto Puentes resides with his wife, Helena Olivero, and their daughter, Emma, at their farm Palma Roja. The farm was originally purchased by Benedicto's parents, Margot and Benedicto, who still live there, and is in the mountainous are a of China Alta, in the rural part of Ibague.  Benedicto, a third-generation coffee farmer, spent his childhood among coffee trees, learning from his grandfather and father. Growing up in his father's house, he was instilled with a deep love for the countryside, and through coffee, he learned the importance of doing things with passion and love. Since 2013, Benedicto has been producingspecialty coffee. His main motivation stems from his passion for coffee and the joy he finds in sharing his coffee with people from around the world, while also receiving fair prices for his product. With a focus on quality, he has made significant improvements to the wet mill and has implemented new coffee varieties, always striving for a better cup quality.

Coffee has played a vital role in Benedicto's life, as it brought him together with his wife and allowed them to travel the world with their daughter. Helena assists Benedicto on the farm by training the workers and participating in cherry picking. While he manages the overall farm operations, decisions are always made jointly with his wife. As a bonus, Helena is a trained coffee cupper.

For Benedicto, the farm holds a special place in his heart due to the daily effort, family unity, and love with which they produce coffee. Benedicto begins the coffee processing with meticulous manual picking of ripe cherries, which are then transported to the farm's wet mill. At the mill, the cherries undergo flotation to remove defective ones and any foreign materials like small branches or leaves. The remaining cherries are placed in GrainPro bags for an in-cherry fermentation period of 50 hours. After fermentation, the cherries are depulped, and the coffee undergoes another 50 hours of fermentation and is washed one to two times. For drying, the coffee is transferred to covered drying patios, where it will take approximately 20 days to reach the ideal moisture level. During this time, the coffee is moved three times a day to ensure even drying.

Espresso Recipe

While it's worth noting all machines and grinders are different, here's where we'd start, then play around and tune it to your setup!

Dose: 21 grams
Yield: 45 grams
Time: 28-32 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/2.1


These are roasted light, with great developement.. so leaves us running a couple recipes:

Light & Bright
Dose: 19 grams
Yield: 56 grams
Time: 17-18 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/2.9

Syrupy & Sweet
Dose: 19 grams
Yield: 58 grams
Time: 24-28 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/3

This is based on our commercial machine at the following parameters:

Pressure - 6 Bar
Temp - 95 Degrees Celsius
Basket - 20g VST
Shower screen - IMS

Single Cup Filter Recipe

Pour Over
Dose - 15g
Water -
Temp - 100 Degrees

0:00 Bloom - 35g
0:30 First Pour - up to 140g
1:05 Second Pour - 195g
1:45 Third Pour - 255g
Brew time 2:45 to 3:00

Check out James Hoffmans Youtube for an awesome bloom technique, and use the Rao Spin after each pour.

Use the inverted method
Dose: 13g
Water: 220g
Brew Time: 1:30
Press Time: 30sec
Extend brew time to make it stronger, shorten brew time if you want a mellower brew.

Batch Brew Recipes

General Specs
Ratio: 1:17
TDS: 1.25 - 1.35
Ext %: 20-21%

Breville Precision Brewer
Temp: 95 Degrees Celsius
Flow Rate: Fast
Bloom: 30 seconds
Basket: Flat bottom gold
Filter Paper: Melitta 8 - 12 cup
Dose: 70 grams
Water: 1,200 ml
Ratio (dry coffee:water): 1:17

Temp: 94 Degrees Celsius
Brew Time: 4:15
Pulses: 10
Pre-Wet: 15%
Pre-Wet Delay: 1:00
Drip Delay: 1:15
Dose: 120 grams
Water: 2050 ml
Ratio (dry coffee:water): 1:17