Brazil Claúdio Ávila - Yellow Catuai, Natural


Grind Size

Tastes Like: Pink Lady Apple, Walnut, Honey. Clean

Producer: Claúdio Ávila
Farm: Fazenda Nova Horizonte
Region: Sul De Minas
Harvested: June - August
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Altitude: 1135 masl
Process: Natural

Coffee producer Claudio Avila operates Fazenda Novo Horizonte along with his business partner, Luis Otavio Turati. The farm was established by Luis’ father, José Afonso, when he left the area of Guapé, Minas Gerais in search of more suitable land for his coffee crops. He purchased the 275 hectare Fazenda Novo Horizonte in 1999, and the property has been managed by Luis and Claudio since 2003. In 2020, Luis took full leadership of the farm and made the decision to commit their production to specialty coffee in order to meet the growing demand for the crop.

Fazenda Novo Horizonte sits between 1080 and 1150 meters above sea level in the Sul de Minas growing region. The farm is planted with 120 hectares of Obatã and Catuai coffee trees, producing approximately 3000 bags of coffee each year.

This lot of Yellow Catuai coffee underwent Natural processing. Catuai was developed by the Instituto Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo State in Campinas, Brazil by crossing Mundo Novo and Caturra varieties. Catuai coffees are cultivated widely across Brazil, and are known for their high productivity potential.

Espresso Recipe

While it's worth noting all machines and grinders are different, here's where we'd start, then play around and tune it to your setup!

Dose: 21 grams
Yield: 45 grams
Time: 28-32 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/2.1


These are roasted light, with great developement.. so leaves us running a couple recipes:

Light & Bright
Dose: 19 grams
Yield: 56 grams
Time: 17-18 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/2.9

Syrupy & Sweet
Dose: 19 grams
Yield: 58 grams
Time: 24-28 seconds
Ratio (dry coffee:espresso): 1/3

This is based on our commercial machine at the following parameters:

Pressure - 6 Bar
Temp - 95 Degrees Celsius
Basket - 20g VST
Shower screen - IMS

Single Cup Filter Recipe

Pour Over
Dose - 15g
Water -
Temp - 100 Degrees

0:00 Bloom - 35g
0:30 First Pour - up to 140g
1:05 Second Pour - 195g
1:45 Third Pour - 255g
Brew time 2:45 to 3:00

Check out James Hoffmans Youtube for an awesome bloom technique, and use the Rao Spin after each pour.

Use the inverted method
Dose: 13g
Water: 220g
Brew Time: 1:30
Press Time: 30sec
Extend brew time to make it stronger, shorten brew time if you want a mellower brew.

Batch Brew Recipes

General Specs
Ratio: 1:17
TDS: 1.25 - 1.35
Ext %: 20-21%

Breville Precision Brewer
Temp: 95 Degrees Celsius
Flow Rate: Fast
Bloom: 30 seconds
Basket: Flat bottom gold
Filter Paper: Melitta 8 - 12 cup
Dose: 70 grams
Water: 1,200 ml
Ratio (dry coffee:water): 1:17

Temp: 94 Degrees Celsius
Brew Time: 4:15
Pulses: 10
Pre-Wet: 15%
Pre-Wet Delay: 1:00
Drip Delay: 1:15
Dose: 120 grams
Water: 2050 ml
Ratio (dry coffee:water): 1:17